NanoReg2 Closing Meeting

NanoReg2 Closing Meeting - February 26, 2019

Over 100 participants from Europe and the US joined the NanoReg2 project as it presented its final outcomes and recommendations for the future of Grouping, Read Across and Safe by Design in Paris.

The project is now delighted to publish all presentations from the meeting and looks forward to supporting implementation into regulatory and industrial use.

Agenda and slides

Welcome - Raymond Cointe (Director General, INERIS)

NanoReg2 Project Overview - Emeric Frejafon (INERIS) SLIDES

Welcome from the EC Project Officer Carlos  -Eduardo Lima da Cunha (EU Commission)

NanoReg2 project outcomes

  • Grouping and Read Across: Advancing regulatory pathways for nanomaterials in NanoReg2 and beyond - Andrea Haase (BfR) SLIDES
  • Safe Innovation Approach and Safe by Design in NanoReg2 - Cornelle Noorlander (RIVM) and Blanca Suarez (TEMAS) SLIDES
  • Industrial Value Chain Demonstrators: Commercial application of Safe by Design - Araceli Sanchez (IOM), Isabel Rodriguez (Gaiker), Javier Fuentes (Nanogap), Cesar Merino (Grupo Anatolin) SLIDES
  •  The Legacy of NanoReg2 - Sean Kelly (NIA) SLIDES

The Future of Data from NanoReg2: Continuing to build on data in  Europe  

  • The NanoReg2 Database - Emeric Frejafon (INERIS), Andrea Haase (BfR), Nina Jeliazkova (Ideaconsult) SLIDES               
  • NanoInformaTIX - Willie Peijnenburg (RIVM) SLIDES                      
  • NanoSolveIT and  NanoCommons - Iseult Lynch (University of  Birmingham)  SLIDES                                                                
  • The PATROLS project - Lang Tran (IOM) SLIDES

Moving from Nanosafety to Governance - Creating a trusted ecosystem for nanotechnology                                             

  • Gov4Nano - Adrienne Sips (RIVM)  SLIDES                                
  • RiskGONE - Tommaso Serchi (LIST) SLIDES                        

Panel discussion on securing the NanoReg2 Llgacy                                                                            

Chair: Claire Skentelbery (NIA)                                                        

Panel: Emeric Frejafon (INERIS), Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST), Iseult Lynch (University of Birmingham), Rob Meier (DSM), Raquel Pueles (Avanzare), Phil Sayre (nanoRisk Analytics)

Wrap-up -  Carlos Eduardo Lima da Cunha (EU Commission), Emeric Frejafon (INERIS)