NanoReg2 Kickoff

NanoReg2 Kickoff

This September, the NanoReg2 project held its official kickoff meeting in Paris to commence essential work on developing innovative approaches for nanotechnology development and regulation. Over the next three years, NanoReg2’s thirty six partners from across the nanotechnology value chain will create new principles and ideas, rooted in robust data, that can establish ‘Safe by Design’ as a fundamental pillar in the validation of a new manufactured nanomaterial. A regulatory system underpinned by Safe by Design would provide oversight for manufactured nanomaterials in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while providing flexibility in addressing new targets and requirements over the long-term.

In addition, NanoReg2 will develop new, reliable and accepted group concepts for nanotechnology that can fill the current information gap that exists. This will support industries aiming to bring a new product to market as well as regulators across the world.

Consortium Partners met for two-days in Paris to review and discuss strategies for the various work packages. These include:

    • Regulatory orientated activities establishing a framework of grouping approaches
    • Nanomaterials for industrial markets and their corresponding value chains
    • Safe by Design
    • Demonstration and verification of Safe by Design concepts
    • Liaisons and network activities
    • Knowledge management, dissemination and exploitation
    • Project management and scientific coordination
(Pictured above: The NanoReg2 consortium in Paris)
With nearly 1400 person months allocated across its seven packages, NanoReg2 has established ambitious objectives for the partners that will shape the nanotechnology development and regulation landscape when complete. The NanoReg2 website will keep stakeholders up to date on progress throughout the three-year duration.